Written By Callie Rather

Hey guys, I am so excited to have my first ever featured guest writer do a piece for my blog! She's one of my dearest and most knowledgeable friends, and I've asked her to write about what she knows best - FOOD. Her name is Callie Rather and she is my friend and go-to resource with any health, nutrition, and food questions. She has done so much research to understand how certain foods effect our bodies and why, and has become somewhat of an expert. So, without further ado... 


People say I’m the biggest contradiction. I am obsessed with health and the body yet would eat a hotdog and fries any chance I got. The key as always is moderation and for me, taking the time to do the little things to care for my body and my gut so it is better equipped for when I do eat that hotdog and fries. I wanted to write today about some fairly simple hacks as I like to call them to start improving your body’s ability to function from the inside out. For starters studies have shown significant benefits when following an intermittent fasting schedule. Try eating for 8 or 9 hours a day and fasting the other 16 or 17. This includes sugars or creamers in your coffee. So if you can’t drink black coffee and even if you can, I would recommend bulletproof coffee to start your morning. This doesn’t start your “eating” hours as sugar or cream would. It has no sugars or carbs and in fact dumps more ketones into your system adding to those already produced from your fasting period. Talk about focus! Outside of that some basic rules to live by are avoid sugar as much as you can and eat more FAT. The easiest things to cut out are sugars you may not even know are in drinks or meal bars that present themselves as healthy. This includes juices. When you juice a fruit you take away all the fibers that are meant to fill you up and you’re left with the sugar of more fruits than you could comfortably normally consume whole. Another thing people are less aware of is how good fats are for you. They fill your belly (in a good way), they feed your brain, and they’re good for your heart. “Fat burns fat, sugar makes you fat” easy way to remember what snack to turn to when your afternoon hunger strikes. Below I list some of the best nutrients to add to your everyday routine. But lastly on rules to live by don’t stress about that not so great meal you ate. The stress will only hurt your body more. Just move forward, go for a walk, break a sweat, and eat something that makes you feel good about yourself next. 

Whole Foods. Sleep. Water. Gut Health.

Chia Seeds - great source of omega 3, protein, potassium, iron, fiber, antioxidants, calcium, and magnesium. 

Add to water along with something as simple as just lemon or you can add mint, a few frozen fruit, let sit for a few minutes or a few hours and you will be pleasantly surprised with what a delicious and nutritious difference it makes.  

ACV - Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs with the mother)- ACV has so many benefits I couldn’t begin to list them all. Aides in weight loss, detoxing your liver, help balancing blood sugar, and promoting healthy bacteria in your gut to name a few (I highly encourage you to look them all up). 

You can add it to so many recipes along with just consuming it in a drink every morning. I know “shots” of ACV has become a trend, me myself once falling into that trap. But by not diluting it you could be doing as much harm as good especially to your enamel. So just add it to about a cup of water you can do warm or cold, add lemon or lime, add ginger or turmeric, you can experiment and find which flavors you enjoy most. I often sweeten mine with a few drops of liquid stevia. It makes it much more palatable. 

BPC - Bulletproof Coffee - this is my must have, powerhouse of a coffee. Filled with clean coffee, fats, and ketones you get all the fats and energy you need to feed your body and brain for the first half of your day. I’m not going to write anything more about this because it is so great you all need to read about it first hand over on bulletproof.com.

Bone Broth - bone broth is filled with collagen and other nutrients and minerals that are incredibly healing for the body, in particular the gut. Whether you make your own or do some quick research on the best you can buy at your local grocery store, it is an easy delicious way to upgrade your body every day. 

I warm a cup on the stove, add grass fed butter or ghee, pink Himalayan salt, and blend it. Again, this is something you can have fun with adding different spices and making it your own.

Collagen - collagen is a great source of protein and essential amino acids. It helps support healthy bones, joints, gut and something we all love to hear, it supports healthier hair, skin and nails.

You can buy many kinds of collagen, the one I have dissolves in hot and cold liquids. I do so many things with it since it is flavorless. You can add to your coffee, teas, greens drink, the options are endless. Again such an easy way to show your body a little love.

Greens Powder - this one is easy - I personally use Amazing Grass, but find any green supplement in powder or pill form with whole ingredients and no sugars. We all could use more greens everyday :). 

Dandelion Root Tea - this is a great tea for cleaning and detoxing your insides which allows your body to run as it was intended to, it really is like a machine. I drink this in the morning, at night, warm and cold and usually add lemon. It’s a harsh taste that could be compared to coffee. I have grown to love it and it is a staple in my life to help me de-bloat and clean up my body. 

I have read many articles and books and listen to podcast often on many things related to the body. I’ve tried numerous “hacks” and diets the hardest being quitting sugar for 6 month. I would suggest if this interest you to go to Dave Asprey's podcast as a beginning step. I started with his knowledge and drinking bulletproof coffee about 4 years ago so it’s my obvious starting point for others interested in learning more. His guest, many doctors, speak on everything from how sleep, thoughts, foods and fasting effect your body and mind. It is hard to fit everything into one or two conversations, it is an ever evolving learning process. I encourage anyone reading this to go out and do a little research on anything I talked about yourself and find what works best for your body and lifestyle. Everything is connected. Our bodies and minds are too valuable to blindly follow what we’ve heard or read once or what works for a friend or even what works for me. Research for yourself. Invest in your body and mind. It will be worth your time, I promise.