Ok, so if you're like me and have super sensitive teeth, you've probably tried every whitening strip under the sun and ended up in searing pain. I ultimately had to cave and splurge for the fancy toothpastes and follow the FDA approved (totally made that up... although mouthwash does have alcohol in it...) guidelines for brushing. Anyway, I was so thrilled when HiSmile got in touch with me because I had seen their product all over Instagram. Obviously, it's important to be weary of products on Instagram, because it can create a false sense of reality, but in any case I was excited to test it out. Their big "tagline" so-to-speak is "Whiter Teeth in 10 Minutes", so I decided to test it out amidst my day-to-day activities I know only take me 10 minutes... for example, doing my hair!

The results pretty much speak for themselves! You can get more information about HiSmile's products on their website

P.S. Yes, I use a straightener to curl & straighten my hair. This one is the Remington 1" Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron.