Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post. My goal is to start posting more consistently about my music and my life, etc. etc… HOWEVER, I’ve getting a lot of questions recently on Instagram about my health/fitness routine, so I thought I’d share it quickly right now.

I don’t weigh myself, but in the last 2 months, I’ve probably lost about 5lbs. I wasn’t really trying to lose weight, because I care more about how I look and feel than what my scale says, but working with a trainer and getting into a personalized fitness routine + eating well = it just happens. (Side note: When I say I’ve probably lost about 5lbs, remember that MUSCLE weighs > FAT)

OK, SO… My trainer is a CrossFit trainer at OPEX Gold Coast. Her name is Julie Migliaccio, and she’s a BAD ASS. She writes me personalized CrossFit style workouts, and I do those 3x a week. If you’re unfamiliar with CrossFit, it’s defined as “a high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise,” according to Google. Here’s an example of a workout I did last week:


  1. 5 minutes on the bike

  2. 10 wall squats

  3. 90 second wall sit

A) Back Squat

  • Build to a challenging set of 10 @ 3-1-1 tempo (tempo: count to 3 on the way down, hold for 1, count 1 on the way up)

  • Set 1: 35lbs bar (no added weight)

  • Set 2: 45lbs

  • Set 3: 50lbs

  • Set 4: 55lbs

  • Set 5: 60lbs

B) 5 Sets: Pronated Pull Up Negative

  • 5 reps taking 4-5 seconds to lower down to full arm extension

  • Step on 24” box to start every rep with chin over the bar

  • Rest 60-90 seconds

C) 20 Minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

  1. 150 jump rope

  2. 8 burpees

  3. 150 meter row

  4. 8 dumbell thrusters - 20lbs/hand

  5. 15 Russian kettlebell swings 35lbs

  6. 8 ring rows

The hardest part about this workout was the Pronated Pull Up Negatives… trust me, they suck. So that’s an example of how my workouts are laid out with my trainer, and on my off days, I’ll do cardio or yoga. Now onto food…

My diet focuses on protein, healthy fats, veggies and fiber, which you should have in every meal. I try to avoid refined carbohydrates (breads or processed carbs) and sugar (desserts, artificial sweeteners). I don’t avoid dairy, but I try to limit it just because it causes natural bloating, but don’t be afraid of it because it literally has no sugar, and no carbs - all protein & fat. [IMPORTANT: I do NOT consume any reduced, 2% or 0% fat dairy products. What that means is that the naturally occurring fat in dairy is removed and replaced with chemicals and sugar and is actually proven to cause weight gain. If you don’t believe me, do a little research on your own.]

I have essentially had the same breakfast every morning for the past 3 months with slight alterations, but I truly love it so much and find it so delicious that I could have it for the rest of my life. I do 2 eggs scrambled with spinach (just cooked in a little olive oil) and a side of either turkey bacon (there’s also nothing wrong with regular bacon, I just happen to love turkey bacon) or prosciutto (which is such a delicious healthy snack, by the way) and some avocado. If I’ve just done a high intensity or cardio workout, I might throw in a piece of Ezekiel toast, or a Pagel, because they burn off so quickly and are rich in fiber. Occasionally I’ll do other variations of the eggs as either an omelette (and add roasted tomatoes or whatever other veggies I have around), or served over easy/fried. I’ve also been loving the @bewellbykelly (Kelly LeVeque) FAB 4 smoothie as a breakfast substitute once or twice a week. Fun fact: Jennifer Garner has this smoothie for breakfast every morning.

Next up, lunch! For lunch I have a few more options, but again the main focus is those 4 elements: protein, healthy fat, veggies, and fiber. Here are a few of my go-to’s:

  1. A salad with protein (grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon, or steak) - my favorite is a kale salad with light balsamic base dressing

  2. Sushi with no rice, or white rice (because it burns off faster than brown rice)

  3. Chicken or tuna salad

  4. Buddha bowl (with quinoa, avocado, spinach, soft egg, etc.)

  5. Sweet potato + hard boiled egg + butter mashed

  6. Chicken & veggie kabobs

  7. Turkey wrap with veggies & honey mustard

And finally, dinner… My dinner and lunch options are pretty similar, but there are some things I get for dinner that I never get for lunch. I’ve been really into Thai food lately, and my new favorite low-cal Thai dish is Green Curry with Shrimp! It’s delicious by itself, but if you pour it over coconut sticky rice it’s UNREAL. I also love something simple like a steak or grilled chicken and a side of veggies (carrots, sweet potato, green beans, asparagus, etc.) or salmon cooked with lemon and butter.

By the way, just because this is my typical/ideal diet doesn’t mean that I don’t have cheat meals or snacks once in a while. I’m 23, and work out a lot, so I will still eat pasta, and pizza, and have a bite of dessert or sweets occasionally.

If you only have one take away from this, remember that ultimately LIFE IS ABOUT BALANCE. You shouldn’t deprive yourself OR beat yourself up if you slip up… That slice of pizza, that fried chicken sandwich, that chocolate lava cake… at the end of the day isn’t going to make a difference, and tomorrow is a new day. “So live your live!” - Rihanna